About Us

Welcome to Crowd Investors, where real estate dreams meet collective ambition.

At the heart of our ethos is a simple belief – the power of many (and the money of many) can achieve what was once reserved for the few.

Years ago, we worked in the investment banking world. Again and again, we watched the rich get richer as they invested in high-return deals that were closed to the “normal” people. Well, that was then, and this is now!

When we first started researching the idea of Real Estate Crowdfunding, dependable information was hard to find. Even today, much of the information available is the result of web searches — NOT first-hand experience.

So, what makes us (and this blog) so different?

  • We are regular people, not finance writers or investment bankers.
  • We are real crowd real estate investors, not researchers.
  • We are customers of many online crowd real estate platforms.
  • We have participated in dozens of crowdfunded real estate deals.
  • We’ve made money and lost money along the way.

Yes … we’re living the crowd real estate investing dream (and reality), and overall, we’ve done quite well. As of this writing, our real estate crowd investments have generated a 19% annual internal rate of return!

As you review our posts, please remember that we are NOT investment professionals and we are not offering investment advice. We are simply telling you what we think, what we’ve experienced, and what we’ve learned about this exciting and innovative way of building a real estate portfolio. It’s up to you to do the proper due diligence BEFORE making any investments. Again – please do your own homework before funding any investment opportunity!

One last point — we love chatting with other crowd real estate investors, so if there’s something you’d like to know, please email us at info@hybridmike.com.

Welcome to the future of investing, and welcome to Crowd Investors!